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PyroSignal customer's who choose the electronic interface option in their contracts, will be provided a true sense of the scope and magnitude of the day to day record keeping associated with their life safety systems. For those with access to an internet accessible computer capable of running standard web based applications, you are capable of reviewing the following records:

  1. Inspection dates
  2. Contract Start and Expiration dates
  3. Work Ticket status'
  4. Inspection Reports

The system also provides an interactive Service Request application, which will allow you to place requests for service which once saved, will appear real time to the dispatch queue. This application will pre-populate the system information you are calling about as long as we have a record for it, so be sure to familiarize yourself with your systems and how they are identified. Your selection will post system information and writes data directly to the back office data base to provide for a detailed request. The view of applications will allow for the review of data at your convencicnce, even after normal working hours. The Inspection and Work ticket update application results are provided on an almost instantaneous basis and provide for the ability of real time viewing by our customer's. Interface to data is data encrypted and filtered by user to supply different levels of access to individuals within an organization or affiliated organizations.

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